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Love and Marriage, Debt and Divorce

Two individuals recently consulted with me, both whom had waited too late to speak with a bankruptcy attorney.  One had recently married, one had recently divorced.  Both of them had substantial debt that they needed to erase to create a fresh start for their financial…

Mortgage Modification for Orlando Homeowners in Chapter 13

Yesterday I attended the annual seminar sponsored by Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Association. A panel of mediators discussed their experiences with the new mortgage modification program  in the Orlando division of the bankruptcy court. Their impression was that lenders are taking the program seriously and offering genuine modification arrangements that were useful…

Profits Surge for Orlando Hospital Corporations

The August 13 edition of the Orlando Business Journal reports that profits for Central Florida hospitals  are up by 88% for 2009.  The untold story is how medical debt and illness continue to be a primary cause of financial crisis for families who must resort to bankruptcy…

Only in Chapter 13 how to Relief Underwater mortgage in Orlando

An underwater mortgage is a serious a problem for many Orlando homeowners. Earlier this summer, the Orlando Sentinel reported that Orlando was number 3 in the nation, and number 1 in Florida for the number of homes that an underwater mortgage – the  loan balance was more than the value…