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Orlando homeowners – Use Chapter 13 bankruptcy to lower the balance of your mortgage and keep your house

Orlando homeowners are struggling to hold on to their homes.  In this market, maintaining homeownership is a challenge, particularly for homeowners who took second mortgage loans that were doled out like candy by banks during the real estate bubble.   Many Orlando homeowners have already…

How Orlando real estate investors can get Assist in Chapter 13

Orlando real estate investors probably never thought they would be consulting with a bankruptcy attorney to preserve their investments. Who would have thought that chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code would help them hold on to their real estate investments?  Orlando real estate investors have been living through the nightmare of…

Keeping a car in bankruptcy – how not to buy a car for your child

When I consult with Orlando families who are considering bankruptcy to resolve their financial crisis, they are often interested in knowing whether they can keep a car, truck, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle that they believe is owned by their children out of the bankruptcy…