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Orlando homeowners in foreclosure find comfort in another study

Many Orlando residents are considering “strategic default” and voluntary foreclosure to fix their “underwater home” problem.  Earlier this week I reported on a survey by the National Association of Independent Landlords, showing that most non-corporate landlords are OK with renting to families and individuals who…

Orlando Mortgage Foreclosures in the News

Mortgage foreclosures in Orlando and the state of Florida are in the news again.  The Orlando Sentinel reported this month that the Orlando metro area saw an 18 percent increase in forelclosure-related filings from March to April, ranking Orlando 36th nationally. There was an even higher increase, 39%,…

Good News for Orlando Homeowners in Foreclosure

Many Orlando homeowners are experiencing the trauma of loosing their homes in foreclosure.  I see this in my practice every week – there’s no doubt that toxic mortgages, job loss, and other circumstances that have created a foreclosure crisis in the Orlando housing market.  Often with the help of…

Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Lawsuits – Badgley Law Group

I have previously written in this blog about the pernicious impact of medical debt and how it has become a leading cause of personal bankruptcy for American citizens. Considering that medical bills so often drive people into a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is not surprising…

Marriage, Death and Bankruptcy in Orlando

I have previously written about the effect of marriage and divorce on debts and the ability to discharge them in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  A recent case decided in the Middle District bankruptcy court in Orlando shows how the death of a spouse may affect…

My beautiful balloon (mortgage)!

Balloon mortgages are not a common form of financing for a primary residence. However, during the hot real estate market in Orlando, such financing arrangements were more frequently made.  For those homeowners in Orlando who may have financed the acquisition of their residential home with a…