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Orlando Chapter 7 Bankruptcy not for everyone

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest legal way to discharge unmanageable debt.  However, many people who come to me for advice on filing bankruptcy are surprised to learn that they earn too much income to qualify for this form of debt relief.  This week, I…

Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions – getting it all under the umbrella

Understanding Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions is crucial for anyone considering bankruptcy.  A chapter 7 bankruptcy is based on a simple agreement with the bankruptcy court: surrender your property and you will receive a complete discharge forever for most debts, including credit card debt, mortgage debt, car loans, personal loans,…

Defending mortgage foreclosure is not a crime in Orlando

Feeling bad about being in mortgage foreclosure? There’s certainly no reason to feel guilty about defending a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit.  Read this. While Florida homeowners lose their homes in foreclosure,  top dogs at a Florida based mortgage company will get a new home in prison.  This…