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Should Orlando homeowners hire an attorney to defend mortgage foreclosure?

Hiring an Orlando mortgage foreclosure defense attorney may be the smartest decision some Orlando homeowners make this year.  Last week, the Orlando Sentinel reported that mortgage foreclosure filings increased in September by a whopping 42%, after banks flooded the courts with an additional 3,209 mortgage foreclosure lawsuits.  The only good news to this statistic…

Texting and Driving in Florida – it is not (yet) illegal

I don’t think any driver who spends time on the road in Florida could argue that Driving While Texting isn’t dangerous. As reported in USA today, last Friday, 31 states, plus D.C., have given law enforcement officers the authority to issue tickets for this unsafe behavior. Florida has not…

For sale: underwater homes in Orlando bankruptcy court – banks get them cheap!

A bomb was dropped today on a roomful of Orlando bankruptcy lawyers who were attending the Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Association’s annual seminar.  The newsflash deals with what mortgage companies are doing to snatch the  homes of families who are seeking debt relief in chapter 7 bankruptcy court.  It all has…