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An Orlando foreclosure attorney can help your short sale | Banrkuptcy Blog

Are you an Orlando homeowner in foreclosure? Are you trying to short sale your home? Then you should hire an attorney to help you defend the foreclosure.   Here are the reasons why: REASON 1:  You are more likely to get a better short sale deal if you are defending the…

Risks of Foreclosing Without an Attorney

Orlando homeowners trying to fight and defend foreclosure without a foreclosure defense attorney should know that it can be harmful to your financial health.  A new program requires banks and servicing agents that foreclosed on Orlando homeowners to undergo audits to determine if the homeowner suffered financial harm as a result of the…

How to fight foreclosure – Florida rules require fast response

Knowing how to fight foreclosure requires an in depth understanding of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.  A mortgage foreclosure is a type of civil action, and civil lawsuits are governed by these rules.   The rules require that a homeowner who decides to fight foreclosure must file a written response…