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Medical Debt, Personal Bankruptcy Headline Aurora Tragedy

Medical debt and the threat of personal bankruptcy for unaffordable healthcare have surfaced as headlines in the recent mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Whatever the gunman’s intentions were, he likely did not mean to call attention to the tragedy that this country’s citizens face if they…

Orlando Short Sale NOW, Before Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Law Expires

A law that helps Orlando homeowners avoid taxes on the short sale of their home is scheduled to expire at the end of this year. A short sale is one of the best non-bankruptcy alternatives for the many Orlando homeowners who are in financial distress…

Filing an Orlando chapter 7 bankruptcy – sometimes it’s not necessary

A very nice Orlando couple who were convinced they needed to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy came to my office today for a consultation. Initially, it seemed that they had good reason to believe that filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy would be a good idea. Their home had been in foreclosure for sometime. …