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Florida Bankruptcy and Inherited IRAs

Filing bankruptcy in Florida doesn’t mean you have to lose your IRA savings. IRAs (short for Individual Retirement Accounts) are exempt from the liquidation process of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  This means you can keep the full value of any IRA account when you file for bankruptcy. IRAs, as well as other…

Orlando Bankruptcy and Foreclosure: A Tale Of Two Courts

The Orlando Sentinel recently reported that until last month, the Metro Orlando area was No. 1 in the country for its rate of mortgage foreclosures. This could explain why so many people have been calling my law firm with questions about mortgage foreclosure and bankruptcy.…

Florida Judgements and Bankruptcy | The Debt Collection Process

Florida judgments seem to be finding their way to my bankruptcy practice lately.  As a result of a new law relating to mortgage foreclosure deficiencies, I am having to help more people who find themselves at the receiving end of the debt collection process.  They are surprised to be getting sued,…

New Florida Law Shortens Deadlines For Mortgage Deficiency Lawsuits

In a mortgage foreclosure deficiency lawsuit, the bank sues the homeowner for the amount due on the mortgage loan after the foreclosure ends. A new Florida law relating to deadlines for mortgage foreclosure deficiency judgments brings good news to Florida homeowners who have lost their home in foreclosure in…

Facebook, Lawsuits, and Florida Courts Be Careful What You Say

Facebook is the subject of another Florida court opinion. This story is a tragic one for the plaintiff, who won his lawsuit against the school that terminated his employment. The schoolmaster sued the school for age discrimination and reached a settlement of $150,000. However, the settlement agreement contained a confidentiality clause…

Facebooking Judge Gets Unfriended by the Court

Florida judges and lawyers on Facebook are in the news again. A Seminole County circuit court judge, who sent a friend request on Facebook to a litigant before her court, is now the subject of an opinion issued from Florida’s Fifth District appeal court.  This judge sent a Facebook “friend request” to…