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Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

According to Forbes magazine, the average driver is involved in an accident that leads to an auto insurance claim every 17.9 years. Since car accidents are so common, we suggest arming yourself with these guidelines for how to manage yourself and those around you post-accident: 1.…

Your First Consultation With An Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney

For some people, anticipating an initial consultation with an Orlando bankruptcy attorney can be…nerve wracking. Don’t worry! We’re here to calm your fears and arm you with information. Read on, so when you arrive at your first appointment, you’ll be prepared to ask questions, absorb…

“Safe Phone Zones” and the Texting and Driving Epidemic

Earlier this month, the Florida Department of Transportation unveiled over sixty “safe phone zones” at rest areas, welcome centers, and turnpike service plazas throughout the state. The goal of this program is to remind drivers that some places are appropriate for smartphone use, and others—like…