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What Happens If I Get Injured On Vacation?

You’ve meticulously planned out your vacation itinerary, travel arrangements, and leisure activities, but you can’t plan for a slip-and-fall accident on a cruise ship, or hitting your head at the hotel pool. Life happens, even on vacation. If you injure yourself while traveling in Orlando…

Understanding Your Rights: What Debt Collectors Cannot Do

You owe some money, and a bunch of debt collectors know it. Your cell phone buzzes with annoying–and sometimes abrasive–callers, asking questions about your financial circumstances and suggesting that your credit history, wages, and job are at risk if you don’t pay them right now. Thankfully,…

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: What You Need To Know

Next time you’re on I-4, look at the four cars surrounding your own, on your left and right, in front of and behind your vehicle. Chances are that at least one of those drivers is an uninsured motorist, according to these sobering Florida stats. According to one recent study,…