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Sunrail Accident Safety: What You Need To Know

The SunRail commuter rail system transports about 1800 people per day down its 32-mile track, according to this analysis of recent figures. Want to know another striking number? In the 15 months Sunrail has been operational, the train has already been involved in 10 incidents. That’s one Sunrail…

What 50 Cent’s Bankruptcy Can Teach Us

$8.25 million (monthly breakdown: $84,400 for monthly expenses and maintenance) for a 21-bedroom Farmington, CT, mansion. $855,091 for child support. $64,909 for the American Express bill. $1000/month for “personal grooming.” And the list–both of expenses and assets–goes on. In bankruptcy, as in divorce, there are no secrets. In recent memory, no one understands…

Life After Declaring Bankruptcy: What’s Next?

Many of our clients are surprised by just how good they feel after declaring bankruptcy. Not that filing for bankruptcy is an easy decision; on the contrary, the decision to discharge your debts should only be undertaken with care and consideration, not to mention consultation…