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Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury – Badgley Law Group

The topic of traumatic brain injury has become part of our cultural conversation due to news reporting, feature films like Concussion, and television shows like Nurse Jackie. But many people still struggle to identify the symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can be different depending on…

Same-Sex Couples Files for Bankruptcy in Orlando | Badgley Law Group

Badgley Law Group is committed to the rights of all married couples, and helping them through the bankruptcy process. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we present to you a case study of our Chapter 7 clients Kyle and Joshua, a Deland couple who married in…

Railroad Accident Attorney Jeff Badgley Discusses Sunrail Safety In Orlando

Ever since Sunrail’s inaugural ride in May 2014, Orlando drivers have been forced to adopt new safety habits to deal with the trains that now run on Central Florida’s 31 miles of track. The path to Sunrail safety is not smooth: our commuter rail has…

How Often Can You File For Bankruptcy In Orlando?

When it comes to petitioning for bankruptcy, are you one and done? Just how often can you file for bankruptcy in Orlando? Florida bankruptcy laws do not limit how many times you can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and one Tampa Bay area man is taking advantage: since 2002, Paul…