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Signs and Symptoms of Pediatric Dehydration

During the early months and years, a baby’s health is more vulnerable than at any other time in their life until they reach their elderly years. Parents tend to be vigilant about protecting their infants and closely monitor their wellbeing day and night. One of…

Untreated Herpes Simplex Virus Can Cause Infant Death

Diseases that are manageable for adults can be detrimental for newborn babies, which is why OBGYNs and other medical professionals who care for pregnant women and their infants need to be tuned into a range of symptoms that could indicate life-threatening problems that could lead…

When Oxygen Deprivation (Birth Asphyxia) Leads to Infant Death

It’s the job of doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers, to diligently monitor and treat fetal distress in a timely manner, but that doesn’t always happen. If you or someone you love has a baby who suffered serious injuries or death as a result of oxygen…

Why is there an increase in trucking accidents?

Why has the number of trucking accidents risen so steeply in the past few years? Is it coincidence or are there identifiable factors contributing to the problem? At Badgley Law Group, we know the trucking industry inside and out, and we have answers. Many trucking…