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What If My Cauda Equina Syndrome Is Misdiagnosed Leading To A Delay In Treatment?

is caused by a narrowing of the spinal canal and can lead to spinal stenosis. The condition is rare but serious. Prompt and accurate diagnosis by Florida physicians is extremely effective in treating the condition, but delayed treatment can be devastating to patients. Risks Of…

What If My Child’s Pediatric Brain Tumor Was Misdiagnosed Which Led To A Delay In Treatment? Part 1

Early detection and intervention is widely recognized as crucial to the successful treatment of cancers and tumors of all types, including a pediatric brain tumor. But what happens when your child’s brain tumor was misdiagnosed and treatment was delayed? Are there actions families can take?…

Diagnosis Errors Of Cauda Equina Syndrome Can Result In Medical Malpractice

Cauda Equina Syndrome is a rare but serious condition that can permanently damage the spinal cord by causing spinal stenosis. Florida hospitals and doctors are trained to recognize this condition as a medical emergency. The condition places extreme pressure on the nerves at the end…

Medication Errors Affect Patient Safety

Treatment for illness or injury often involves prescription medication. The medication may be prescribed by your physician, a specialist, an ER doctor, or in a hospital or clinic setting. One of the most significant acts of trust a patient extends to their attending physician is…