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Oh No! Not Again: Tips on Avoiding a Second Bankruptcy

Going through the process of filing for bankruptcy can be very stressful. Seeking out the help of knowledgeable legal professionals is a must when trying to get through the bankruptcy process with ease. Nearly 600,000 file for bankruptcy each year and most of them are under the…

How to Become a Lean and Mean Debt Paying Machine

Whether you are trying to pay off debts before or after a bankruptcy filing, there are a number of things you need to do to avoid mistakes along the way. Over 94,000 people file for bankruptcy in the state of Florida each year. For those who…

Setting the Record Straight: Common Bankruptcy Myths You Don’t Need to Believe

For years, people have had a number of misconceptions about the bankruptcy process. In some cases, these misconceptions will cause a person not to file for bankruptcy even when they need to. Rather than letting your debts consume your life, you need to reach out…

How To Deal With Creditors Before and After Filing Bankruptcy

Paying bills is a natural part of life. There may come a time when you will have a hard time making ends meet. Losing a job or even being underemployed can cause a variety of financial problems. If you find yourself unable to pay your…

The Doctor is In: Most Common Medical Malpractice Cases Filed Each Year

Going to the doctor is probably something you do on a regular basis without much thought. For the most part, people put a lot of trust into the hands of their doctor. While mistakes are bound to happen in the world of medical care, there…