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You Can’t Just Declare Bankruptcy

There are many circumstances that people, both young and old, are facing that has them considering declaring bankruptcy. This may not be as easy as one with no experience in this area of law may believe it to be. There are many reasons to choose…

Common and Dangerous Medication Errors | Badgley Law Group

In a report last updated October of last year the  FDA declared that medication errors cause at least one death per day and injure about 1.3 million Americans annually. The wrong medication being prescribed by a physician is only one of the many errors that…

Passing the Means Test in Florida

In 2005 a new bankruptcy law was passed to make it harder for those who had run up unsecured debt to declare bankruptcy. The banking industry wanted to have those with higher incomes pay off some of the unsecured debt that these individuals were responsible…

How to File for Bankruptcy with No Money

If you have ever searched online, “how to file bankruptcy with no money,” you have likely come across a few ads offering the so-called free services to file bankruptcy. As with anything else in life, these offers are too good to be true. If you…

How Bankruptcy Impact Your Car and Home Loans?

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, there are likely quite a few thoughts going through your mind. For example, what’s going to happen? Are you going to be able to keep your home? What will happen to your credit rating? Perhaps the most important one…

How a Personal Bankruptcy can Affect Your Credit Score

Many Florida residents who are struggling to cope with their overwhelming debt are reluctant to file for bankruptcy. There are several reasons for this hesitation. Some avoid seeking this type of debt relieve because they think filing under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 will result…