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Slip and Fall Injuries : Common Hazards That Can Cause These Accidents

Venturing out into the world daily is something we all do. Whether going to work or to the grocery store, you should always be aware of what’s going on around you. However, some people get comfortable and complacent as time goes by, which can lead…

General Backyard Safety Tips From Pool Accident Lawyer Jeff Badgley

We’re a state of swimmers: splashing in our oceans, lakes, and pools is a cherished Florida pastime. Our state values swimming education, encouraging children to learn water survival skills at a young age through programs like YMCA’s Safe Start. And yet despite these precautions, annually in Florida “enough…

Survival Swimming Skills and Pool Care in Central Florida

In Central Florida, pools outnumber alligators. When I fly back home to Orlando after a trip out of town, I’m struck by the number of pools dotting the landscape below as the plane descends over the city. So many pools, so many safety hazards. Pools…