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When do you need an Orlando bicycle accident attorney?

Bicycles have increasingly become a primary mode of transportation.  And with that an increase in the number of people injured in bicycle accidents has increased. In Florida a bicycle is legally defined as a vehicle, and the rider considered a driver.  While a bicyclist has the…

How Hits Hurt: Football and Traumatic Brain Injury – Badgley Law Group

Soon your favorite football players–both amateur and pro–will be putting in some serious time on the field. This also means a fresh crop of articles about the dangers of football, and how the occasionally brutal hits sustained on the field add up to traumatic brain…

How To Deal With Your Doctor After A Car Accident?

When we conjure up images of car accidents, we imagine immediate pain and trauma, followed by the wailing of ambulance sirens. A catastrophe, in other words. The truth is most of us will not have an accident, but if you see reports of the recent…