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Repairing Credit After Bankruptcy: How to Fix a Bad Credit Score

Many people who face mounting debt have to resort to filing for bankruptcy because there are no other options. And although bankruptcy can serve as a reset button and a fresh start, there can be significant effects on your credit. In fact, a credit score…

How to Discharge Taxes in Bankruptcy

For those who find themselves in insurmountable debt, bankruptcy is often the last resort option in order to restart. But with bankruptcy comes many rules, nuances, and confusing elements that can leave the debtor feeling stressed. This stress can intensify if the debtor has incurred tax…

Missed Diagnosis in the ICU

It is difficult to conceive how many patients suffer injuries in hospitals and urgent care centers every year due to missed diagnoses. Critically ill patients in the intensive care unit, or ICU, are not immune to medical malpractice errors caused by physicians and staff. In…