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Medication Errors in Healthcare Institutions

Medication errors are preventable events resulting in life-threatening medical situations, congenital deformities, permanent disabilities, and even death for unsuspecting patients. These errors are a threat to patient safety that can lead to devastating patient outcomes. Medication errors are acts of medical negligence that can occur through improper…

What to Know About Uninsured Motorist Insurance

It’s an unfortunate reality that car accidents are common, so it goes without saying that having good insurance is vital. In fact, in Florida, drivers must have certain policies in place before they even get behind the wheel. However, Florida law doesn’t require certain types of insurance,…

What is a 341 Meeting?

Bankruptcy is a complex process and can be stressful for those in debt, as the future becomes unclear and uncertain. A key component in a bankruptcy case is the 341 meeting, which is often the last step before discharging debt. This meeting is an opportunity for…

Finding the Right Doctor After a Car Accident

In any accident or injury, an experienced, caring doctor is crucial and can mean life or death in some instances. And in the cases of car accidents, having a doctor who knows what to specifically check is important. This is because certain injuries can arise…