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Florida has a power problem

Florida residents are no stranger to power outages, between issues with high winds and hurricanes much of the year. However, there’s another issue that both interferes with the electrical supply and puts people in danger: power companies that don’t do their jobs. The Florida Public…

Can I discharge my student debt if I declare bankruptcy?

If you are suffering from financial distress caused by your student debt, you are not alone. Many Americans have a considerable amount of debt that they cannot pay without a severe struggle, which is why some seek help from the bankruptcy system. As a rule,…

Medical Debt and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Studies show that medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in our country, as evidenced by the trending search phrase “problems paying my medical bills.” For the millions of Americans struggling with this burden, filing for bankruptcy with a local attorney can be a tool…

Why Should I Hire A Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

In the United States, medical errors have become quite widespread. In fact, a recent Johns Hopkins study showed that medical errors are the third leading cause of wrongful death. This is only surpassed by cancer and heart disease. When an injury occurs due to medical…

Is an owner responsible for a dog that bites in Florida?

Dogs, like children, are often a product of their environment. Although certain breeds are at higher risk of biting attacks, it is usually previous interactions with humans that dictate how dogs behave around people. Still, even a well-trained animal can be very unpredictable. Some states…