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Can filing for bankruptcy affect my job prospects?

One reason why some people hesitate to file for bankruptcy is that they fear it might make them unemployable. Businesses sometimes run credit checks on applicants, as do those considering promoting a current employee. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will typically stay on your credit report for seven…

Is a dog’s owner responsible if it hurts a person in Florida?

The laws about personal responsibility and injuries are different in every state. That can make it really hard for people to figure out what their rights are when they get hurt on someone else’s property. For example, suppose a dog turns aggressive and bites you…

What happens if I miss a Chapter 13 plan payment?

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a debtor does not have to sell their property to eliminate their debts. Instead, they need to repay most of their debts over three to five years, and then some of the remaining debts will be discharged. The debtor will have…

Which debts can you discharge in a bankruptcy filing?

When you lose control of your personal finances, your obligations can pile up to a point where you can’t repay them. Falling a few months behind on your mortgage and your credit card bills might mean that you face aggressive collection tactics while still trying…