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Exposure to exotic pets in Florida can result in attacks or bites

We all understand that dogs and other domestic pets can sometimes attack, resulting in a bite or another personal injury. However, as owning exotic pets continues to rise in popularity in and near Orlando, it is wise to practice caution when encountering these animals in…

3 kinds of distractions, other than phones, that cause crashes

For many people, the term distracted driving immediately makes them think of someone texting at the wheel. That is absolutely a concern, but that is only one of the many kinds of distracted driving that people commit.  Even if you never use your phone at…

Autumn drivers must contend with sun glare and fatigue

With the autumn months already in full swing and winter right around the corner, drivers must handle having less and less daylight every day until spring. Nearly every driver would rather be behind the wheel in clear, dry, sunny conditions. Unfortunately, the end of the…