3 kinds of distractions, other than phones, that cause crashes

For many people, the term distracted driving immediately makes them think of someone texting at the wheel. That is absolutely a concern, but that is only one of the many kinds of distracted driving that people commit. 

Even if you never use your phone at the wheel, some of the other things you do without thinking twice about them could also be forms of distracted driving. What are some of the activities that you should avoid while in control of a motor vehicle?

Eating and drinking

Some people have a cup of coffee on their way to work or grab lunch on their way to their next client meeting. The danger is that you have to take a hand off the wheel to hold the food item or beverage.

If you were to drop or spill your food or drink, you could panic and potentially cause a crash. Even if all you do is take a sip of coffee, you could increase your reaction time enough to contribute to a crash.

Interacting with built-in screens

Just because your vehicle comes with a built-in GPS unit or touch screen for radio and temperature control does not mean that it is safe for you to poke at those buttons while driving in traffic. Many drivers who know better than to touch their phones will still make the mistake of interacting with built-in screens in their vehicles, with all the same risks that come from handling a standalone device.

Daydreaming, having a conversation or listening to a podcast

Focusing more on your murder mystery podcast or your conversation with your carpool friend than on the road might mean that you failed to notice changing traffic conditions until it is too late. Internal distraction can be as dangerous as taking your hands off of the wheel. 

Keeping your focus fully on driving is the best way to avoid causing a car crash. You should take time to learn about your recovery of compensation post-accident if distractions resulted in your collision.

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