Can you hold a store or restaurant legally accountable for your slip and fall?

When you do something routine like going out to eat or to a store to shop in Florida or anywhere in the nation, you never anticipate slipping and falling. But it happens with notable frequency. In fact, “falls are routinely listed as one of the leading causes of preventable injuries across the United States.”

Slipping and falling can occur for dozens of reasons. It might be a spill on a highly polished floor, stairs in poor condition, inadequate lighting, a small item that was dropped on a floor and not picked up or carpeting or floor tile that wasn’t securely fastened down, just to mention a few typical examples.

You might assume that premises liability would be a cinch to prove if you fall in a store or restaurant because there was something dangerous there that caused your accident. So it should be easy to demonstrate that it was the establishment’s fault, right?

It’s actually not that clear-cut. There are some circumstances that make winning a lawsuit against a store or restaurant for your slip and fall less than automatic.

What conditions are relevant to liability for a slip and fall

  • Keep in mind that all states do not handle these types of cases the same way.
  • Businesses must notify patrons of hazards. Businesses also have to eliminate any less conspicuous dangers that can jeopardize their customers’ safety.
  • To recover damages, you need to show that the business knew of the hazard to a greater degree than the person who fell. For example, if a shopper in a supermarket drops a container of food that spills on the floor and you slip on it immediately afterward before it could even be cleaned up, you might not be able to win a lawsuit against the supermarket.
  • Proving that the business knew about the hazard that caused you to fall is important.

Slipping and falling in a public place can injure you, make you lose time from work and result in pain and suffering, loss of income and disruption to your life. You may want to seek compensation in this situation.

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