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Tracy Morgan’s TBI Sheds Light On Car Accident Injuries

Comedian Tracy Morgan is back in the news, celebrating his newly regained mobility by walking himself down the aisle in his own wedding. After surviving a deadly 2014 car accident, Morgan endured months of rehabilitation for broken ribs, a broken leg, broken nose, and traumatic brain injury.…

Sunrail Accident Safety: What You Need To Know

The SunRail commuter rail system transports about 1800 people per day down its 32-mile track, according to this analysis of recent figures. Want to know another striking number? In the 15 months Sunrail has been operational, the train has already been involved in 10 incidents. That’s one Sunrail…

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: What You Need To Know

Next time you’re on I-4, look at the four cars surrounding your own, on your left and right, in front of and behind your vehicle. Chances are that at least one of those drivers is an uninsured motorist, according to these sobering Florida stats. According to one recent study,…

Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

According to Forbes magazine, the average driver is involved in an accident that leads to an auto insurance claim every 17.9 years. Since car accidents are so common, we suggest arming yourself with these guidelines for how to manage yourself and those around you post-accident: 1.…

“Safe Phone Zones” and the Texting and Driving Epidemic

Earlier this month, the Florida Department of Transportation unveiled over sixty “safe phone zones” at rest areas, welcome centers, and turnpike service plazas throughout the state. The goal of this program is to remind drivers that some places are appropriate for smartphone use, and others—like…

Texting and Driving in Florida – it is not (yet) illegal

I don’t think any driver who spends time on the road in Florida could argue that Driving While Texting isn’t dangerous. As reported in USA today, last Friday, 31 states, plus D.C., have given law enforcement officers the authority to issue tickets for this unsafe behavior. Florida has not…