Defending mortgage foreclosure is not a crime in Orlando

Feeling bad about being in mortgage foreclosure? There’s certainly no reason to feel guilty about defending a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit.  Read this.

While Florida homeowners lose their homes in foreclosure,  top dogs at a Florida based mortgage company will get a new home in prison.  This week, a jury convicted the owner and chairman of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, an Ocala, Florida based mortgage lending company, of fraud.  He hasn’t been sentenced yet, but he faces 20 – 30 years in prison.  The treasurer and   former president were sentenced this week and will be spending time in jail, which is just where they belong.  Now, how about going after the big boys on Wall Street? That would be some real justice!

Taylor, Bean & Whitaker became the largest non-banking mortgage lender during the real estate boom.  Its CEO lived the high life, at one time owning more than 40 cars. What a contrast to the average family that just wants a nice home, and a car to go to work with! Now, home owners in Orlando and Central Florida must face the consequences of wall street thievery as their undervalued homes are clawed back by banks in foreclosure lawsuits that clog the courts throughout our state.

It’s only fair to fight the banks and try and stay in your home for as long as possible. For those homeowners who are ready to get out  and move on,  defending the mortgage foreclosure lawsuit is the only way to force the bank to make a sensible decision short of foreclosing – like allowing a short sale or a deed in lieu.  Defending the mortgage foreclosure lawsuit is done by insisting that the bank proves every element of its lawsuit, as the law requires them to do.  Some banks have failed at doing this because they can’t prove that they actually own the mortgages that they are trying to foreclose.  The rest are hoping you move out and give up by defaulting.

OK, I need to get back to work helping my bankruptcy and mortgage foreclosure clients figure out how to stay in their homes and keep their one or two of their cars…Need help staying in your home? Call me and let’s talk about defending your mortgage foreclosure.

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