Exposure to exotic pets in Florida can result in attacks or bites

We all understand that dogs and other domestic pets can sometimes attack, resulting in a bite or another personal injury. However, as owning exotic pets continues to rise in popularity in and near Orlando, it is wise to practice caution when encountering these animals in public or at the home of someone you know.

Fortunately, attacks by dangerous exotic pets rarely occur, according to an animal expert from Pet Helpful. Typically, exotic animal bites happen only about ten times per year across all species. By contrast, dog attacks kill approximately 30 Americans each year.

Which exotic pets are the most dangerous?

Many individuals keep exotic animals in their homes or are held in captivity by zoos or other agencies. Some of the attacks that could occur in a private setting (like someone’s house) here in our Florida community include: 

  • Chimpanzees. With their incredible strength, these animals can cause severe and catastrophic personal injury. However, deaths from chimp attacks are rare.
  • Big cats. People that keep big cats like lions or leopards as pets put others and themselves at extreme injury risks. In some cases, big cats have even eaten people.
  • Venomous snakes. Bites from rattlers and other venomous snakes nearly always require hospital treatment. Even a bite from the least hazardous venomous snake (copperhead) needs immediate medical treatment.
  • Monkeys. Old-world monkeys have a reputation for throwing tantrums, biting and other behaviors that put humans at risk. The danger of a monkey attack typically increases when the animal reaches sexual maturity.

Severe personal injury stemming from an animal attack can disrupt your entire life and pose significant financial hardships. If you have suffered from an exotic pet attack, learning about state injury and compensation laws can ensure you get the funds you need to recover and maintain your way of life.

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