Florida is home to some of the nation’s most dangerous roads

Those who live and work in Florida are unfortunately familiar with the risks of using some of the state’s roadways. Motor vehicle accidents occur in this region with alarming frequency, leaving residents with sometimes catastrophic injuries.

If you could know what roads come with the highest risk, perhaps you could find alternate routes to perform your daily driving activities. At the very least, you would know when to be extra cautious when driving around other vehicles.

A 2017 – 2019 study reveals the dangers of Florida roads

MoneyGeek recently published an article describing which Florida roads are the most hazardous regarding vehicle crashes. It is no surprise to Orlando residents that SR-50 (East Colonial Drive) appears on the list of dangerous roads. Specifically, the area from Old Cheney Hwy to Lake Downy Dr is well-known to local motorists for its many accident hazards.

The study revealed some interesting facts about SR-50. During the study period, SR-50 saw 3.9 accidents per mile. That 4.4 mile stretch of road saw 17 fatal motor vehicle accidents, with 19 individuals killed in or because of crashes. The entire state of Florida saw 8,792 fatal vehicle accidents during the study period, with drunk driving a factor in 1,888 of these crash deaths.

Distracted driving also contributed to many fatal vehicle accidents. The study indicates that driving while distracted played a role in 662 of the fatal accidents Florida saw during the study period.

We urge you to practice extreme safety behind the wheel while the state works to improve roadway safety. If you suffer injuries in an Orlando vehicle accident despite your efforts to stay safe, consider learning more about Florida auto accident and personal injury laws.

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