How Often Can You File For Bankruptcy In Orlando?

When it comes to petitioning for bankruptcy, are you one and done? Just how often can you file for bankruptcy in Orlando?

Florida bankruptcy laws do not limit how many times you can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and one Tampa Bay area man is taking advantage: since 2002, Paul Stenstrom of Tarpon Springs has asked the court 15 times for debt relief. Stenstrom has struggled under the weight of his mortgages, back taxes, and child support, and his filings have successfully stopped foreclosure on his home.

Many individuals will file serial Chapter 13 petitions just to stop a foreclosure sale, but then they do not go through with filing all the necessary paperwork to complete their bankruptcy. They repeat this process over and over again, not to actually go through with a bankruptcy, but instead use the bankruptcy court to repeatedly stop a foreclosure sale.

But judges are pushing back against petitioners like Stenstrom, calling them “serial abusive bankruptcy filers” and barring them from filing again for periods of up to two years.

Most people struggle with the decision to file bankruptcy once (not to mention three, four, or fifteen times), which makes the choice to file multiple consecutive bankruptcies seem unusual. Serial filers are using the law to shield themselves from complete financial collapse–a request for bankruptcy immediately halts foreclosure proceedings and debt collection–with their back-to-back filings, often using non-lawyers to prepare and file their legal documents.

Because filing for bankruptcy in Orlando can be a complicated process, we strongly recommend consulting with a reputable attorney who knows the financial, legal, and emotional ramifications of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Badgley Law Group understands that even though Florida bankruptcy law doesn’t limit the number of bankruptcy petitions you can file, multiple filings cast doubt on the seriousness of your case and add an additional burden to an already overwhelmed court system. Even if your situation seems dire, we can create solutions that offer immediate relief for your financial problems.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients file bankruptcy successfully in Orlando courts, and can advise you on your best path to financial freedom. Bankruptcy might be a last resort, but we also believe it’s a new beginning: a chance to start fresh, build good credit, and spend within your means. Call Badgley Law Group today at (407) 781-0420 for a free, personalized consultation with Jeff Badgley to start the process of getting your life back on track.


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