How to Research Cancer Centers in Florida after A Cancer Diagnosis

Upon receiving a diagnosis of cancer, undergoing cancer treatment can be a long and arduous process. The treatment of cancer should begin soon after diagnosis, but for many cancers, it is possible to wait a few weeks to begin treatment. Getting a second opinion may be recommended. The diagnosis of cancer is scary for any patient.  But  a  delay in diagnosis can result in decreased chances of survival. It can also cause a more difficult and protracted treatment process. By seeking the best medical treatment, you can avoid a delayed cancer diagnosis, which we often see in our clients’ medical malpractice cases.

In doing your research for the best hospital in Central Florida, you may refer to U.S. News and World Report. They rank hospitals by state. The rankings are listed according to many factors. Advent Health Orlando ranks number 1 in Florida and is nationally ranked in 7 specialties. The Leesburg Regional Medical Center is ranked 27th in Florida. Cancer ratings are based on analysis of various data categories such as, patient outcomes in medical and surgical treatment of cancer, the volume of high-risk patients, patient experience, nurse staffing and advanced clinical technologies. On conditions/procedure applicable to cancer- in lung cancer surgery, this hospital ranked below average. In colon cancer surgery, it ranked average.

According to one business journal article, a Florida Hospital is scheduled to open a fourth UF Health Cancer Center. The article refers to Orlando Health adding to its local cancer care capabilities with a new facility in Osceola county. Patients can get medical and surgical Oncology consultations at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center. Orlando Regional has a good score card overall. This hospital has ranked as high performance in lung cancer surgery, high performance in colon cancer surgery and overall has excellent scores in patient services, advanced technologies, for specialists, for intensivists and nurse staffing.

Medical malpractice attorneys recognize that not all mistakes in diagnosis are the fault of the physician.  But, if a doctor has been negligent or neglectful, then your medical malpractice case may result in compensation depending on the facts, if there is a trial and many other variables, including the experience and skill of the attorney. Are you searching for an experienced medical malpractice attorney for advice?  At Badgley Law Group you may call us for a free consultation. if you feel that you have been harmed by a delayed or missed cancer diagnosis.  Attorney Jeffrey S Badgley has extensive knowledge and experience in handling medical malpractice cases that involve delayed or missed diagnosis. Call our office today at 407-781-0420.

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