Medical Malpractice: Suffering From Compartment Syndrome

Delayed Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis Can Have Severe Consequences for a Patient

Medical malpractice lawsuits are more common than you realize. If you are misdiagnosed or given the incorrect treatment by a medical professional, it can result in extensive bodily harm or death. If you file a claim for medical malpractice involving compartment syndrome injury, it will be necessary to prove that the standard of care was not met by the medical doctor or professional who treated you. This is assessed by consulting with other medical professionals to determine what type of care they would provide in your situation. Our attorneys at the Badgley Law Group in Orlando have the resources available to discover this information. We consult with highly experienced doctors and nurses in the medical field to decide the best strategy for your case.

What is Compartment Syndrome?

After an injury, blood or edema may accumulate in a compartment of the body. The tough walls of the fascia cannot easily expand, and compartment pressure rises, preventing adequate blood flow to tissues inside the compartment. Severe tissue damage can result, with loss of body function or even death. The legs, arms, and abdomen are most prone to developing compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome can also occur from crush injuries, burns, overly tight bandaging, prolonged compression of a limb during a period of unconsciousness, surgery to blood vessels in an arm or leg, a blood clot in a vessel of an arm or leg, extreme exercise, and extension under pressure

Acute compartment syndrome is the most common type of compartment syndrome and the majority of acute compartment syndrome is caused by a broken arm or leg. Acute compartment syndrome develops rapidly over hours or days. Compartment syndrome can develop from the fracture itself, due to pressure from bleeding or swelling, or it can occur later as a result of treatment for the fracture.  It is important to reach out to our attorneys if you have suffered an injury due to negligence or medical malpractice. There are compensations that you may be entitled to as a victim, such as compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Compartment Syndrome Symptoms

Acute compartment syndrome usually develops over a few hours after a serious injury to an arm or leg. Symptoms of acute compartment syndrome may present with a new and persistent deep ache in the arm or leg, pain that is greater than expected for the severity of the injury, numbness, pins and needles, or electricity like pain in the limb, swelling, tightness, and bruising.

Acute compartment syndrome is an orthopedic emergency that requires urgent evaluation and intervention. Early evaluation of the patient is essential for adequate care and treatment. The outcome of missed compartment syndrome can include loss of limb, kidney failure, sepsis, and death. With that said, orthopedic surgery is one of the most commonly sued medical specialties, and the indemnity payments in acute compartment syndrome cases are some of the highest medical malpractice claims. Delays in diagnosis and in treatment have been researched as the most common causes of acute compartment syndrome claims, which is most likely because of the difficulty in establishing a diagnosis of compartment syndrome. The patient’s pain may be attributed to postsurgical or post injury related pain rather than compartment syndrome. Medications given for the pain can lead to masking of the symptoms. Patients who had documented signs such as paresthesia’s or pain with passive stretch without further investigation were more likely to win the trial or participate in a settled case.

We Can Assist with Your Medical Malpractice Case

Failing to diagnose compartment syndrome in a hospital or clinician setting is medical negligence and can result in complete loss of function of the extremity. If you or a loved one has developed a harmful form of compartment syndrome that was the result of negligence by your treating medical professionals, contact our experienced medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. At the Badgley Law Group in Orlando, we offer initial consultations to discuss your case and symptoms and can support you with your legal issue. Choosing the right attorney is the most important decision you will make for your case. The Badgley Law Group brings experience and excellence to your side by giving you the help you need, when you need it. Call today and speak to a medical malpractice attorney with experience in representing compartment syndrome cases at 407-487-4154.

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