Medication Administration Errors Affect Patient Safety

Medication errors come in all shapes and sizes in Central Florida but one of the most common is the incorrect administration of medication by doctors, nurses, or caregivers.

In fact, these administration errors account for as much as 26-32% of all medication errors*! This represents a huge area of risk for patient safety and begs the question, “What is being done about it?”

Understanding Medication Administration Errors And How They Occur

Medication administration errors often come down to human error, making them entirely preventable. They include:

  • Incorrect prescription.
  • Incorrect dosage.
  • Incorrect route/dispensing of dosage.
  • Incorrect frequency of medication.
  • Incorrect duration of medication treatment.

What makes medication administration errors so prevalent is that they can occur at any point in a complex process that involves multiple steps and multiple providers. They don’t always occur at the prescription stage, but can also happen in the clinic, in the hospital, in the pharmacy, or even at home.

Preventing Medication Administration Errors Protects Patient Safety

Patient safety must be the number one concern of medical practitioners in Orlando. Medical facilities must take steps to ensure patient safety – in the clinic or hospital and at home. One way they can do this is to make the “rights of medication administration” a routine practice:

  • right patient,
  • right drug,
  • right time,
  • right route, and
  • right dose.

By verifying these “rights” medication errors can be reduced by medical personnel but patients play a role too. Patients must be their own advocate. Patients and their families can and should ask questions and stay informed about the medications they take. There is no guarantee that anyone else is watching out for you, so you need to be prepared to do it yourself.

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If You Have Suffered A Medication Administration Error, A Medication Error Attorney Can Help

The State of Florida allows patients who have suffered medication administration errors to work with a Orlando medical malpractice lawyer to bring lawsuits against the negligent party in an effort to secure compensation for their injuries and suffering.

A medication error attorney can help you pursue this compensation to help manage the financial burden the injury has created. If you think you or a loved one has suffered from a medication administration error, contact Badgley Law Group in Orlando at 407-781-0420 to arrange a free consultation with medication error attorney Jeff Badgley Esq. or schedule your free consultation online right now.

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