Watch out for spring break car accidents

When elementary schools and middle schools go on spring break, tourists tend to head to Florida as parents take their children on family trips. When high schools and colleges are on spring break, which sometimes happens later in the year, these students may travel on their own. But one thing remains constant: Florida is a major destination for spring break travelers.

What this means is that you may experience greater car accident risks over spring break than at other times of the year. Why would this be?

Tourists are on unfamiliar roads

First of all, the people driving to Florida may be from states all over the country, and they may have no idea where they are or where they’re going. They’re just trying to follow the GPS or listening to directions from a friend. Unfamiliar roads can lead to confusion and mistakes, and those things can lead to car accidents.

Drinking tends to be part of the experience

Another thing to remember is that a lot of the young people who go on spring break plan to consume alcohol as part of the experience. Some of them, such as college students, may be old enough to drink legally. But many high school students and other young people will still drink illegally while spending time with their friends. Regardless of their age, all of these individuals increase the odds of drunk driving accidents when they’re in the state.

If you do get seriously injured in a car crash, be sure you know how to seek compensation. This can help to cover lost wages from work, medical bills and much more.

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