What If A Misdiagnosed Adult Brain Tumor Led To A Delay In Treatment?

There are over 120 types of known brain tumors that can occur in the human brain; some are cancerous, some are not. But all can be extremely damaging or even deadly. Like most medical conditions, early treatment of a brain tumor not only improves the outcome, it can literally mean the difference between life and death. But for treatment to occur, the tumor must first be diagnosed.

Diagnosing Brain Tumors

The signs and symptoms of adult brain tumors vary greatly depending on the type and its location. Symptoms such as headaches, weakness, depression, seizures, and cognitive changes often overlap with other ailments leading to brain tumor misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.

Central Florida medical professionals are trained to recognize the symptoms of brain tumors and order appropriate tests to confirm the diagnosis. Failure to recognize the symptoms or order the tests can lead to brain tumor delayed treatment. Brain tumor delayed treatment can have devastating consequences.  When a tumor grows for a long time it can  spread to surrounding tissues in the body. This makes it harder to treat the tumor.  It may also cause additional complications that could have been avoided with early treatment. To avoid these terrible outcomes doctors must carefully consider the possibility of brain tumor and act diligently to order the correct testing.

A Misdiagnosed Adult Brain Tumor May Be Grounds For A Lawsuit

If a misdiagnosed adult brain tumor leads to a delay of treatment, patients in Florida are able to recover damages in the form of compensation in a brain tumor delayed treatment lawsuit. Sometimes a delay of treatment doesn’t have any negative impact on the patient, but most of the time, delayed treatment ends up being detrimental or even devastating, causing lifelong problems or even death.

In situations where the patient was adversely affected by the missed diagnosis or delayed treatment, lawsuits can be filed with the help of a Orlando medical malpractice attorney. Lawsuits can be filed against several medical professionals who had the opportunity to diagnose the tumor but missed it such as primary care doctors, internists, radiologists, and emergency room doctors. Your attorney can advise you of your options and the best course of action.

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Consult With Our Orlando Brain Tumor Attorney If Delayed Diagnosis Is Suspected

If you believe you have suffered due to a missed or delayed brain tumor diagnosis, contact Orlando lawyer Jeffrey S. Badgley of Badgley Law Group to determine if you have a medical malpractice case. Badgley Law Group represents clients in brain tumors cases involving failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, and delayed diagnosis. Obtaining a settlement can help minimize the financial stresses that medical treatments and time off from work are having on your family.

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