What If My Child’s Pediatric Brain Tumor Was Misdiagnosed Which Led To A Delay In Treatment? Part 2

In the first part of this post, What If My Child’s Pediatric Brain Tumor Was Misdiagnosed Which Led To A Delay In Treatment? Part 1, we examined the symptoms of pediatric brain tumors and how a brain tumor misdiagnosis could happen. In this post we will look further into the implications of brain tumor delayed treatment and why Orlando families seek the help of a Orlando medical malpractice attorney to pursue medical malpractice suits in these situations.

The Implications Of Delayed Treatment

The prognosis for a child’s recovery from a pediatric brain tumor depends on:

  • the type of tumor
  • the extent of disease progression
  • size and location of the tumor
  • presence or absence of metastasis
  • the tumor’s response to therapy
  • the age and overall health of the child
  • the child’s tolerance of specific medications, procedures, or therapies
  • new developments in treatment

Of those factors, the extent of disease progression, size, location, and presence or absence of metastasis are all affected by when diagnosis occurred and treatment first began. Delaying treatment only gives the tumor a chance to increased in size or spread to other areas of the brain, spinal column, or other areas of the body. In very rare cases is brain tumor delayed treatment ever recommended.

Treatment Doesn’t Necessarily Make Everything Okay

As with adults, treatment for a child with a brain tumor will likely include any or all of the following: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. However, even when treatment is prompt, aggressive, and successful, problems can arise later in the child’s life. These “late effects” are problems that patients can develop after treatment has ended and they are particularly troublesome for children, whose brains and bodies are not fully developed at the time of treatment.

Survivors of a pediatric brain tumor may experience cognitive delays, seizures, growth problems, hormone deficiencies, vision and hearing problems, and tumor recurrence. In many cases, these problems don’t arise until years after treatment for the pediatric brain tumor has ended, which means families are faced with years and sometimes decades of doctor visits and follow-up treatments.

Our Orlando Pediatric Brain Tumor Attorney Can Help Your Family Adjust To Your New Normal

A pediatric brain tumor diagnosis is devastating for the entire family. A new normal must be developed and families are forever changed by their experience. That experience is made all the more painful if brain tumor misdiagnosis and delayed treatment are involved.

If you believe your child is the victim of a brain tumor misdiagnosis and, subsequently, delayed treatment, you may be eligible for a medical malpractice lawsuit through which you could obtain compensation for the negligence you experienced. Such lawsuits often bring cash compensation to families who are struggling to pay ongoing medical bills and can cover costs associated with lost wages, and pain and suffering. Not only that, these types of lawsuits can help prevent the same thing from happening to someone else’s family.


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