What Not to do Before Filing Bankruptcy in Orlando

Are you ready for a bit of financial relief? Do you need to find a way to avoid having to struggle to pay your bills each month? If so, then filing for bankruptcy in Orlando is likely pretty appealing.

However, if you are going to take this path, there are a few things you should avoid before filing bankruptcy.

  • Not Hiring an Attorney. If you read some blog posts and find some online resources, you may think you can handle your own bankruptcy case. This is a thought that many people have, especially if they don’t have very many assets. However, not hiring an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer is one of the worst things you can do. Bankruptcy laws are tough and difficult to understand. As a result, if you do one thing wrong, your entire case may be dismissed. An attorney can help you avoid this outcome.
  • Lying or Withholding Information . When you hire an attorney, you are going to build a relationship – this relationship needs to be built on trust. However, if you lie or withhold information from your attorney, they cannot represent you well in your case. If you lie or don’t disclose everything on the forms your attorney files for your bankruptcy, your case may be dismissed and you may even face jail time. Don’t let this happen.
  • Hiring the Cheapest Attorney You can Find. Compared to other types of legal services, bankruptcy is actually not that expensive. If you find a lawyer that is offering extremely cheap bankruptcy services, there is a good chance the attorney is going to rush the job or have a low paid staff that handles the work the attorney should be paying. Make sure to find the right bankruptcy attorney to minimize the possibility of issues with your filing.
  • Maxing out All Your Credit Cards. If you use your credit cards while anticipating bankruptcy, this is referred to as fraud. While just a little bit may not get attention from your creditors, if you go out and intentionally run the balance up significantly, they are going to know. As a result, you are going to likely receive a notice from the creditor’s attorney. If you have used your credit cards recently, but still need to file bankruptcy, make sure you talk to your attorney to see what actions you can take to mitigate the potential of legal action from the creditor.
  • Paying Off Favored Creditors. If you have a certain creditor that you feel has been good to you, you may want to pay off that debt by using another credit card and then keep the card you paid off after you file bankruptcy. This is also considered fraud and it needs to be avoided.

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The bankruptcy code is extremely complex. It is something that you should not try to interpret yourself. Doing so may lead to issues down the road. If you need help with your bankruptcy case, or have questions, contact the Badgley Law Group today.

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