Clermont Personal Injury Lawyer

Clermont Personal Injury Lawyer

Clermont Personal Injury Attorney

A “personal injury” is any physical injury and/or economic loss inflicted on one party by another. Under Florida law, whenever any kind of situation like this occurs, the victim has the right to file a civil claim for damages against the party who injured them. This personal injury claim can enable them to secure compensation for all the damages they suffered due to the other party’s actions.

If you, or a member of your family, recently sustained an injury in a vehicle accident, a dog attack, a slip and fall, or any other situation in which another party bears fault, you likely have grounds for a civil claim. Working with an experienced Clermont personal injury attorney can dramatically maximize the recovery you obtain from the party responsible for your injury.

The attorneys at the Badgley Law Group have years of legal representation experience with clients in Clermont, and the surrounding communities, in Florida. We know the challenges many personal injury plaintiffs face in their recovery efforts after other parties have injured them. Some are unaware of their options for legal recourse until much time has passed, potentially restricting their recovery options. If you want the best chance to secure compensation for personal injury damages in Florida, it is always best to work quickly to secure legal counsel from an attorney you can trust.

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Benefits of Hiring a Clermont Personal Injury Attorney

It’s natural to have lots of pressing legal questions in the aftermath of any personal injury accident in Florida. Whether you are worried about medical bills and other damages building up into a difficult financial situation for your family, managing a painful and demanding recovery process, or identifying the party responsible for your injury, the entire process of experiencing a personal injury can make it easy to feel lost and isolated. An experienced Clermont personal injury attorney can provide the guidance and support you need in this challenging situation by helping you understand your best options for recovering.

While it may be technically possible to file a personal injury claim by yourself, doing so is likely to be more difficult than you initially expect. Even if you manage to meet all the court’s filing requirements and deadlines while also managing your medical needs, you still face the risk of settling for less than you legally deserve. Working with an expert Clermont attorney is the best option for any personal injury victim. They can manage your legal actions on your behalf while you focus on rest and recovery.

The Badgley Law Group has the legal experience and resources you need on your side to recover from a personal injury. Our team can help you gather whatever evidence you may need to prove liability and accurately assess the scope of your damages. We can guide you through the necessary proceedings to maximize your recovery, including auto insurance claims and other preliminary recovery efforts before filing your personal injury complaint. Our goal is to streamline your case as much as possible.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle

Experience is an essential consideration when hiring an attorney. However, it’s crucial to judge not only a prospective attorney’s overall professional experience but also the level of expertise they have with cases like yours. The team at the Badgley Law Group works with a wide range of personal injury claims, including:

  • Motor vehicle accident cases. Florida requires all drivers to carry auto insurance, and an at-fault driver’s policy applies whenever they cause a car accident. You have the right to file an insurance claim against the other driver, but their policy may not be able to fully cover your losses. Badgley Law Group can provide comprehensive legal counsel for your insurance claim and a subsequent personal injury action, if necessary, to ensure your recovery.
  • Medical malpractice. While thousands of Florida residents trust various medical professionals to provide safe and effective treatment, the reality is that medical errors and malpractice are responsible for a tremendous number of injuries, and deaths, in the US each year. Filing a medical malpractice claim is different from filing other types of personal injury claims, and it’s vital to have an experienced attorney guide you through this type of civil claim.
  • Dog bite cases. Florida law enforces a strict liability statute for dog owners. If a victim was legally present where the attack occurred, and if they did nothing to intentionally provoke the dog, the victim has the right to file a personal injury claim against the dog owner to seek compensation for their losses.
  • Catastrophic injury claims. A “catastrophic” personal injury is any injury that results in permanent harm to the victim. If you, or a loved one, developed permanent medical complications and/or disabilities from a defendant’s actions, the Badgley Law Group can provide the comprehensive legal counsel you need to hold them fully accountable for immediate and future damages they caused.
  • Workplace injury cases. Florida law requires most businesses in the state with four or more employees to have workers’ compensation insurance. When a workplace injury occurs, this insurance can provide medical expense coverage and disability benefits for the victim. However, depending on how their work injury happened, they could also have grounds for a civil claim against the party who caused it.
  • Slip and fall injury claims. Property owners are legally obligated to ensure their properties are safe for lawful visitors. They must address foreseeable safety issues as soon as they are observed or at least warn visitors about them. When a slip or fall, or another incident, causes an injury due to the owner’s negligent care of their property, the victim has the right to pursue a premises liability claim against the property owner.
  • Wrongful death cases. Unfortunately, not all victims of personal injuries in Florida survive their experiences. If you have recently lost a loved one because of the misconduct or negligence of another party, we are prepared to offer you compassionate legal counsel to pursue a wrongful death claim against the responsible party.

It is important to remember that even the most seemingly straightforward personal injury claim can easily escalate into complex legal battles between the parties involved. While you may believe that the responsibility for your personal injury is perfectly apparent, and you have a firm grasp of the damages you can recover, it is always best to have experienced legal counsel guide you through this type of case.

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Recovering Compensation for Your Personal Injury

The average person can likely calculate the immediate damage from a personal injury claim by assessing hospital bills, vehicle repair costs, and other immediately recognizable losses that might result from a defendant’s negligence or misconduct. However, most people will have trouble calculating more complex damages, like long-term lost income and the future cost of ongoing medical care and rehabilitation for a serious injury.

When you choose the Badgley Law Group to represent your personal injury case, our goal is to help you maximize the compensation you obtain from the defendant. Florida law enables you to seek full compensation for any economic losses the defendant caused, such as:

  • Medical expenses. If a defendant caused physical injury or illness to the plaintiff, the plaintiff could hold the defendant accountable for the cost of any medical treatment required to reach maximum medical improvement from the injury.
  • Lost income. Whenever the victim of a personal injury is not able to work because of a defendant’s negligence or misconduct, the victim can hold the defendant accountable for wages lost during their recovery.
  • Lost earning capacity. When a personal injury results in permanent harm, the victim may be unable to work again. In this situation, the defendant is responsible for the wages that the victim could have earned until retirement.
  • Property losses. If a defendant’s actions also caused economic losses to the victim, they can include repair and replacement costs in their civil claim.

An experienced Clermont personal injury attorney is the best resource to consult if you’re unsure of the full value of your personal injury claim. Additionally, your attorney can help you secure fair compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced. Florida law only caps compensations for pain and suffering in medical malpractice cases. If you file a personal injury claim against a medical professional under Florida malpractice law, your noneconomic damages are limited to $500,000. Your attorney can help you arrive at a reasonable figure based on the severity of your condition and the long-term effects you face.

The Badgley Law Group is ready to provide the guidance and support you call for to approach your impending personal injury case with greater confidence and peace of mind. We’ve helped many past clients in the Clermont, FL, area recover from their personal injuries, and we can put this experience to work in your case.


Q: Is it Necessary to Hire a Clermont Personal Injury Attorney for My Claim?

A: There is no legal requirement to hire an attorney for personal injury claims in Florida. However, if you believe any other party is responsible for causing a recent injury, the situation can be more damaging than it initially appears. Any personal injury can cause a host of economic difficulties to the victim, and some of these will take time to manifest. Connecting with an experienced Clermont personal injury attorney can improve your chances of securing the best recovery possible in this situation.

Q: How Much Does a Clermont Personal Injury Attorney Charge?

A: Most personal injury attorneys in Florida recognize that the average person cannot afford an expensive hourly rate for legal representation, especially after suffering a damaging injury with various financial implications. The Badgley Law Group charges no upfront fees for legal representation. Clients pay for our services with contingency fees, meaning our fee is a percentage of their final case award, but only if we win their case.

Q: Will I Need to Resolve My Personal Injury Case in Court?

A: Most personal injury cases filed in Florida end in a private settlement. Whenever liability is clear, and the plaintiff has all the evidence they need to prove fault, it’s typically in the defendant’s best interest to settle the matter as quickly as possible. However, litigation could be required to settle any civil claim for damages in which the defendant denies liability, contests the scope of the plaintiff’s claimed damages, or if the case involves complex technical details that demand close legal review.

Q: How Soon Should I Speak With a Lawyer After a Personal Injury?

A: If you or a loved one suffer any kind of personal injury in the Clermont, FL area, address your immediate medical needs before anything else. Be careful not to say anything to police or other first responders that would equate to an admission of guilt and once your condition is stable, reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you secure legal counsel, the better your chances are of maximizing your final compensation.

Q: What Happens If I’m Partially at Fault for My Personal Injury?

A: Florida is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that in any civil claim for damages, the fault for all claimed damages is divided among all parties involved. While this may mean multiple defendants could face fault in a single personal injury claim, it may also mean that the plaintiff could absorb some fault. If a plaintiff bears a percentage of fault for causing their injury, they will lose that percentage of their case award.

The Badgley Law Group has helped many past clients reach positive results in a wide range of personal injury cases. We know the challenges and opportunities many people face in these situations and the questions they often have in the aftermath of their personal injuries. If you are ready to discuss your legal options with a Clermont personal injury attorney, contact the Badgley Law Group to schedule a consultation with our team. We’ll review the details of your recent injury and help you develop a strategy to maximize your recovery.

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