Orlando Dog Bite Lawyer

Orlando Dog Bite Lawyer

Orlando, FL Dog Bite & Animal Attack Injury Attorney

Dogs are an extremely common pet. As “man’s best friend,” canines are often friendly, loyal, supportive, and sweet. The majority of dog owners never experience an issue with their furry friends.

Unfortunately, in a small percentage of situations, dogs can be violent. This often only happens when they’re provoked, but it can happen without cause as well. Because of the size and strength of many dogs, the consequences of a dog bite can be extreme. Many people have to seek professional medical care after such an interaction.

Fortunately, you are entitled to compensation after a dog bite. Dog owners have certain responsibilities when it comes to their pets. If they fail to control their animal and the dog hurts someone, they need to pay for the consequences. With the help of an Orlando dog bite attorney, you can get proper compensation after a dog bite incident.

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Badgley Law Firm: Your Dog Bite and Animal Attack Injury Attorney

If you get bitten by a dog, it’s important to find an attorney that you trust. Our team at Badgley Law Firm is here to help. For many years, we’ve been representing dog bite victims in the Orlando area. We know how challenging these cases can be and how much is at stake. Many victims suffer physically, emotionally, and financially after these incidents.

No other firm in the area has the resources and experience that our team does. We specialize in dog bite cases and have the expertise to win your case. We know that a settlement from a dog bite injury can’t undo the trauma you’ve experienced, but it can help you to pay for any associated medical bills or recovery time that you may have.

If you, or someone you know, has suffered a dog or any other animal bite injury in Orlando, or central Florida, then you need to contact our Orlando dog bite attorney right away. There is no question that Orlando is an animal-lovers paradise. Between dog parks, animal theme parks and other attractions in the area, you are bound to encounter a few different types of animals, including dogs, each day. Because of the high number of animals in the Orlando area, there can also be a high number of animal bite injury situations.

Other Animal Bites

While your mind may automatically go to dogs when you think of someone being bit by an animal, this is not the only cause of injuries. Other animals that may attack, or bite, include cats, raccoons, bats and, even though rare, alligators. What makes animal bites so significant and damaging is the situation and the resulting injury can involve a child. Animal bite injuries can also result in severe scars causing permanent disfigurement.

Many people who are injured by an animal, especially a dog, feel reluctant to seek any type of judgment against the animal owner due to misconceptions about homeowner policies, insurances and liability. Some people believe Florida abides by the “One Free Bite” rule or that when injuries occur at a dog park, the other person is protected from liability. Due to these misconceptions, along with other issues, it is best to contact an Orlando animal and dog bite attorney to learn more about your options based on your situation.

Why Hire An Orlando Attorney For Animal Bites?

Many people who suffer an animal bite injury have to undergo many surgical procedures to reduce and or eliminate scarring. Severe animal attacks may even result in death. Hiring our experienced Orlando dog bite attorney at the Badgley Law Group can help ensure you receive compensation for the medical treatment you need, as well as the monetary compensation for damages you deserve.

Our team of legal professionals will conduct research on the animal, contact the owner (if there is one), and investigate liability and insurance issues to negotiate a potential settlement for your claim. If no settlement is appropriate or possible for your situation, our Orlando animal bite attorney can litigate your matter in a jury trial.

Shocking Facts About Dog Bites In The U.S.

Each day, more than 2,000 people in the United States require medical attention for dog bite injuries alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This doesn’t account for other types of animal bite injuries. The majority of people who suffer these injuries are children. Don’t suffer after a dog or any other animal bite occurs. You need to seek medical attention, as well as the advice and guidance our experienced animal bite lawyer has to offer.

We understand dog and animal bite injury cases and will fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for the injury you suffered.

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Negligence in Animal Bites

In most personal injury cases, the victim must prove that the perpetrator acted negligently or maliciously when the incident occurred. This way, no one is held responsible for honest accidents. This is not the case in animal bite situations. The victim does not have to prove that the owner was acting negligently when the bite occurred. This makes most cases much more straightforward.

Legal Dog Bites

It’s important to note that there are situations in which a dog bite is legal, and an owner cannot be held responsible. These situations are limited to only three. A dog can legally bite you if:

  • You are on private property unlawfully or as an uninvited guest
  • If you provoked the animal
  • If the dog’s owner was threatened and the dog was protecting them

In all other situations, a dog bite is the responsibility of the owner. The owner does not need to have prior knowledge of the dog’s temperament for them to pay for the consequences.

Medical Care and Animal Bites

No matter the kind or the severity of the bite, you should always seek medical care after an animal bites you. This is especially true if you do not know the animal or the owner. Animals of all kinds carry diseases. Rabies is a serious disease that can be transmitted through a bite. The symptoms of rabies do not appear until it’s too late for treatment. Your doctor may suggest that you get a round of rabies vaccines if there’s even a small possibility that you could have contracted the disease.

Animal Bites and Euthanasia

Some people are hesitant to report their dog bites because they don’t want to be responsible for the death of an animal. This is particularly true when it comes to dogs or pets. However, an animal won’t necessarily be euthanized for one bite. Many times, the court will only require euthanasia if the animal has been violent in the past. As the person pressing charges, you can also make it clear that you do not want euthanasia as part of your settlement. This may help to sway the judge.

Ultimately, it’s not a good idea to avoid pressing charges for fear that the animal will die. The animal has already compromised your safety and can easily do the same to others. Children can be especially hurt by animals. If you are injured by one, therefore, it’s important that you take legal action. This helps to prevent others from being harmed in the same way.

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Your Animal Bite Settlement in Orlando, FL

Many people want to know how much their animal bite settlement will be worth. Though it’s hard to say for sure, many animal bite settlements range from $30,000-$50,000. Though this is not guaranteed in all cases, it can give you an idea of what is on the line for your case.

Settlement amounts truly depend upon the situation. This is because some standard factors are taken into consideration, including:

  • Medical bills. Any medical care associated with the injury should be covered by your settlement. This includes emergency medical care as well as ongoing appointments, rehabilitation, physical therapy, etc.
  • Lost income. In many cases, a victim is forced to take time off work to recover while they heal from their injury. A settlement from a dog bite or animal bite helps to make up for any income that the victim lost while they were not working.
  • Disability benefits. If you are expected to suffer permanent damage from the animal bite in one form or another, disability and ongoing benefits may be factored into your settlement.
  • Pain and suffering. If you have experienced trauma as a result of the bite, your case may warrant a pain and suffering sum. Many people have to make significant changes to their lifestyles following an animal bite.

Your Orlando animal bite attorney will be able to help you determine how much you can expect in your settlement. It’s important to talk to an attorney right away after you get bitten. The sooner we can build your case, the more effective it will be.

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