Orlando Medication Error Lawyer

Orlando Medication Error Lawyer

What Happens When You Get The Wrong Medication?

For millions of Americans, taking pills on a daily basis is part of their life. Without the right medicines, some people would have a hard time functioning on a daily basis. While getting the right medications is important, being prescribed the wrong ones can lead to a number of problems. In some instances, patients may be injured due to the negligence of doctors and nurses who administer or prescribe medications. If you have been a victim of medication errors, you need to take action. We have an experienced Orlando medication error attorney who is here to help you.

If the wrong medicines are prescribed to you and then ingested, it can wreak havoc on your body. When a patient is given the wrong medication, the doctor who wrote the prescription is liable. The only way you will be able to find out what rights you have following an incident with a medication error is to schedule a consultation with us today! The Badgley Law Group has experience with medication error cases, as well as a variety of other medical malpractice lawsuits. We will be able to listen to the details of your case and then advise you on what your next logical step should be when seeking out compensation for your injuries.

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How Can Our Orlando Prescription Error Lawyer Help You?

The main thing you may be asking is how a lawyer can help you following a medication error incident? There are a variety of laws on the books regarding medical negligence and malpractice. Our lawyers are very familiar with these laws and can let you know how best to pursue the case you have. We will be able to consult with experts in the medical field to find out whether or not the case you have constitutes negligence on the doctor’s behalf. Our team will go to work for you to help you get the compensation needed to make you whole again.

Common Causes of Medication Errors

A variety of things can lead to medication errors. It is the job of the doctor you are treated by and their staff to ensure you are given the right medicine for the ailments you have. Below are some of the most common causes of medication errors.

  • Carelessness on behalf of the doctor who writes the prescription
  • Incorrect dosage of the right medicine
  • Unintended medication given by the medical staff in a hospital
  • A patient’s medical history not being reviewed before medications are given
  • Not going over the risks and side effects associated with a new medication
  • Not taking into account the medications a patient is already onbest medication error attorney orlando fl

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Rather than having to suffer in silence for years due to medication-related mishaps, you will have to take action. If a doctor has acted in a negligent manner, then they will need to be held accountable. Our medical malpractice and medical error lawyer have experience dealing with this type of medical malpractice and will be able to offer you the help you need to pursue the case you have.

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