Orlando Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Orlando Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Protecting You And Your Loved Ones From Nursing Home Abuse in Orlando, FL

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is never an easy decision. For the most part, a person will have to go into a nursing home due to their inability to live on their own. One of the worst experiences you may encounter is a case of nursing home abuse. Knowing that a loved one was treated in a negligent manner by people who are paid to care for them can be very disheartening. In some cases, you may be able to sue the nursing home in question for the injuries your loved one has incurred.

Consulting with our experienced nursing home abuse lawyer in Orlando will help you understand what your rights are. By filing suit against a negligent nursing home, you will be able to stop other facilities from engaging in the same type of misconduct.

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When Is A Nursing Home Liable For Neglect?

In order to win this type of case, you will have to prove that the nursing home in question acted in a negligent manner. If this is proven, you will be able to get compensation for things like the medical bills associated with the neglect and pain and suffering. The only way you will be able to find out your best course of action when trying to pursue this type of case is by consulting with our nursing home abuse attorneys in Orlando. Below are some of the things that may be ground for filing a nursing home abuse claim:

  • Negligent hiring practices: If a nursing home neglects to hire competent and experienced staff, then they may be at risk of a nursing home abuse lawsuit. In some cases, a nursing home may be at risk of a lawsuit due to hiring an employee without performing a thorough background check. If this employee hurts a resident, then they will be able to file suit.
  • Understaffing issues: Another common problem that can lead to a lawsuit is a nursing home being understaffed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that there should be one staff member to every two residents in a nursing home. If a nursing home does not provide adequate staff, they will be responsible for any accidents that occur.
  • Lack of proper training: When the staff members in a nursing home are not properly trained, they can make a variety of mistakes that may lead to a resident getting injured. Our team of nursing home abuse attorneys will be able to do thorough research to find out what caused your elderly loved one to become injured.
  • Abusive staff: A number of cases each year involved abusive nursing home staff members. Any injuries that result from this type of abuse is the fault of the nursing home and is grounds for a lawsuit.orlando fl best nursing home abuse lawyer

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While no one wants to deal with an elderly loved one being abused, getting the right legal help can make this situation a bit easier. The team at Badgley Law Group will work hard to win your case and get you the compensation needed.

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