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Preventing an Elderly Hospital Fall: What Hospital Staff Should Do

In Orlando hospitals, an elderly hospital fall is a serious concern. On the one hand, it can inflict fear in older people, causing them to limit their own mobility and thereby decrease their quality of life. On the other hand, an elderly hospital fall can…

Identifying Risk Factors For Elderly Hospital Falls

The elderly are at risk of injury and death from hospital falls. Badgley Law Group outlines risk factors for falling to help caregivers protect loved ones. Watch Out For These Risk Factors To Reduce The Chances Of Elderly Hospital Falls Falling can bring about devastating…

Pediatric Dehydration Malpractice: Failure to Treat Dehydration in Infants

Severe dehydration rarely “just happens”. It usually occurs when an infant has another illness (such as gastroenteritis, or stomach flu) or injury (such as second- or third-degree burns) that depletes the body’s water and electrolytes. These cases occur here in Orlando, throughout Florida, and beyond. We’ve…

Pediatric Dehydration: How Doctors Can Miss Important Cues

Serious pediatric dehydration medical malpractice is largely a third-world problem, but even in an advanced society like ours, even in Orlando, Florida, doctors may miss the signs. Severe dehydration in infants can lead to brain damage, cardiac arrest, and even death. In the aftermath of…