Orlando Surgical Error Lawyer

Orlando Surgical Error Lawyer

Attorneys Handling Surgical Error Malpractice Claims in Orlando, FL

Orlando Surgical Error Lawyer
One of the most devastating and potentially lethal forms of medical malpractice is surgical errors. When going under the knife for surgery, you want the surgeons performing the procedure to do the best job possible. There are times when the surgeon or the attending staff helping them will make some mistakes that can cost you a lot of pain and discomfort. An error during a surgical procedure can be catastrophic, which is why holding a surgeon accountable for the mistakes they make is important and why you need an Orlando surgical error attorney.

Medical surgeries are very difficult, but with the right amount of professionalism and skill, a doctor will be able to pull them off with ease. It is only when a surgeon is deliberately negligent of their duties that you will have to take legal action. Our Orlando surgical error lawyer will be able to assist you in figuring out whether or not your case is worth pursuing. We have lots of experience dealing with this type of medical malpractice and will go to work trying to get you the most compensation possible for the injuries you have sustained. The longer you wait to file suit due to surgical errors, the higher the risk will become of the statute of limitations running out.

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The first thing you will probably want to know when coming in for a consultation with the At Badgley Law Group, our Orlando surgical error lawyer is here to help you navigate the legal issues if you have suffered a surgical error. 407-781-0420 is how we can help you. Our experienced team will be able to consult with other medical professionals in the field to get an idea of whether or not the surgical errors in your case constitute medical malpractice. The access we have to this kind of information will allow our Orlando surgical error lawyer to start building a case on your behalf.

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Common Types of Surgical Errors

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong during surgery. Due to the risk involved in any type of surgery, hospitals and doctors take the time to put the right precautionary procedures in place. When these procedures are ignored, it can lead to errors during the surgery. Here are some of the most common examples of surgical errors.

  • Not checking a patient’s allergies before administering anesthesia
  • Accidental damage to the ligaments or tissue surrounding the area being operated on
  • Leaving a surgical tool inside of a patient
  • Infection issues that can be avoided

There are also a variety of complications associated with surgical errors like:

  • Brain damage
  • Long-term infection issues
  • Loss of limb
  • Death

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The last thing you want to do when you are a victim of surgical errors is to let the medical professionals responsible off the hook. Usually, you will have a number of medical bills associated with the aftercare needed due to these errors. You may also have to miss work or stop working entirely due to the injuries you have. Our surgical error lawyers in Orlando will be able to work on building your case. The main goal of our attorney at the Badgley Law Group is to get you the best compensation for your injuries.

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